Witness: Cryptob



I'm cryptob and I would like to tell you about my contribution to the VIT network:

First off, I am not a developer, I am a system engineer and community member and an early investor to this project as I bought 10 ETH worth of VIT back in the ICO and I was one of the first people to set up my Witness Node when the platform launched on Sept. 12th 2018. (Middle of the night ;) ) For my Witness Node I have rented 2 servers (for 100% uptime in case one server fails). Additionally I rented a test server only for updates and testing things on the blockchain (Cryptobtest, I dont vote with it).

Moreover I help new people set up their Witness Nodes and also made a video on how-to do it with witness moonshine. Furthermore I like or retweet almost every twitter post with info on Vice Industry Token to help this project gain more exposure in the world. I am an active member in the community, too.

Additionally, I bought movies with tube rights, which I upload on touch.tube on a daily basis to give everyone more content to watch and interact with. And I will do even more as I plan to spend some of my earned VIT for marketing in europe.


Telegram: Cryptob2

Discord: Cryptob